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Email marketing done in the right way

Raise the bar of your business by add email marketing to your marketing strategy.Techno Within helps you build an engaging relationship with the online audience and convert them into potential customers via Email Marketing. Our Email Marketing Services are result-oriented and cost-effective. You can reach, engage and retain your customers with the right Email marketing strategy designed by our expert Email marketers. Deliver targeted messages without any character limit with Email marketing!


  •  Marketing Fundas is one of the leading Email Marketing Companies in India helping businesses in growing their presence in the digital world.
  •  We are using the latest trends and technologies to provide you with powerful Email marketing solutions.
  •  Our team of Email masters creates highly impactful & interactive Email campaigns that trigger the minds of your customers.
  •  Collaborate with one of the best E-mail marketing Companies in India to gain digital visibility of your business.

Generate 60% more leads with targeted email marketing campaigns

            If you are searching for the most effective and affordable way to generate more business traffic, then there is nothing better than email marketing. Stay in front of genuine prospects with a smart email marketing campaign that is simple, efficient and cost-effective. When it comes to availing the best Email marketing services have faith in the leader in the industry. Marketing Fundas is one of the most successful Email marketing agencies in India that unleash infinite business opportunities for your brand.

            Marketing involves getting people to know about a brand, so Emails are one of the easiest methods of achieving that. Via reliable email list management, responsive email design, robust deliverable practices and creative content, we make our Email marketing solutions more effective. When an email is sent to the customers, success can be monitored easily. Our email marketing specialists follow a robust model to deliver the best results. If you are searching for one of the best digital marketing agency in India, choose Techno Within without a doubt.


Research and analysis

We start the project with research and analysis. Our team sits for hours to find out the best time, place, age, gender and more to run Email ads. We collect the Email IDs of potential customers from multiple sources.

Creation of attractive email campaigns

We have a team of Email designers and writers to create highly-engaging Email campaigns with advanced features for your business. We design customized responsive Emails templates with creative content to target a huge number of potential customers. We develop email campaigns with drag & drop, HTML, or both!


Emailing is not enough to improve your online presence. Our team monitors the email campaigns to check how they are performing. Monitoring every ad campaign is essential to save money and know the loopholes. Monitoring your ads is essential to improve engagement and deliverability.


How you measure the business success happened via Email Marketing? Marketing Fundas is one of the top Email marketing companies in Delhi that create a precise report about the emails opened, clicked or interacted with the customers. We share a transparent picture of email campaign performance with analytics that helps you make the right decision.

Bringing your desire for success to life

Sending the same email to the entire customer base would not provide positive results, just like there is no effect when you share the same posts on all social networking sites. The content and designs should be segmented and tailored. We are a leading Email marketing company in India that customizes highly-engaging, creative Email templates to provide a highly personalized experience to your customers. Our aim behind designing customized Emails is to target a large customer base within a short span of time. We put ourselves in reader’s shoes and sort email marketing messages in a way that directly hits their minds. We earn the trust of the audience, which make them open up emails that are shared by your name. So, don’t lose your valuable time anymore; get result-driven email marketing services today!